Our Services


MCN Steel Consultants Inc.  has worked on projects across Canada and the US. We are familiar with both the CISC and AISC standards as well as the CNBC, NISD and OSHAW requirements. We can provide connection engineering and a complete suite of structural steel processing data such as steel detail drawing, erection plans, CNC files and material reports. All of our projects are a 100% modeled with state-of-the-art 3D detailing software (SDS/2 from Design Data).

MCN Steel’s expertise is in industrial projects, but we also manage institutional and commercial projects and will provide quality drawings for any miscellaneous steel products.

At MCN we understand that it is part of our job to adapt to each client’s needs, no matter how small or big the shop may be. Not every fabricator works necessarily in the same way, and what is vital to one fabricator may not be as important to another. We pride ourselves on having a diverse, yet returning client base and it is our ability to fulfill the differing needs of our clients that keeps them coming back.


  • Steel Detailing

    We provide quality shop drawings, erection plans, CNCs and all other files and reports to ensure precise fabrication and ease of erection for any structural and miscellaneous steel project.

  • Connection Design

    We invest a lot of time and energy to keep our team aware of the latest trends in connection design, in order to provide our clients with reliable and cost-effective connections.

  • BIM

    Our team has been involved in BIM projects using the latest technology to accelerate and improve coordination and the approval process. We understand that every project is unique and we are fully capable in adapting to every situation.

  • Cost Estimation

    With our sophisticated 3D modeling software, we can efficiently generate advanced material lists (*.kss, excel or text files), identify potential questions (RFIs), and develop concepts in advance for connection design before even submitting a price. This can help our clients to provide a more accurate and a more competitive bid.


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